Info on cookies

What are cookies?

In order to improve services provided by us, our websites use cookies. These are small files which store information about your browser and are used to distinguish individual users. The user cannot be identified based on this information. Cookies help for example:

  • to ensure proper functionality of our websites and to allow you to complete the purchasing process more comfortably;
  • to remember login information of our customers so they do not need to enter their login information each time they visit the site;
  • to determine what websites and what functions visitors use most often; based on this information we can make sure that our offers best suit your requirements;
  • to help us find out what commercial messages customers view most often and therefore prevent displaying the same advertisement over and over, or to prevent displaying advertisements for goods which are not appealing to customers.

General information on cookies may be found here

Types of cookies files we use:

Cookies used by our websites may be divided into two categories based on their “lifespan”. Short-term, so-called “session cookies”, are temporary cookies and are stored in your browser until you close your browser, and long-term, so-called “persistent cookies”, which are stored on your device much longer or until you remove them manually (the time cookies are stored on your device depends on the actual cookie settings and on the cookie settings configured in your web browser).

Based on the functionality, individual cookies may be divided into:

  • conversion cookies, which allow us to analyse the performance of different sales channels
  • tracking (monitoring) cookies, which combined with conversion cookies help us to analyse the performance of different sales channels
  • remarketing cookies, which we use to personalise the content of ads and for correct targeting
  • analytical cookies, tools that help us to improve the user experience and comfort while visiting our website by understanding how users use our website
  • essential cookies, which are important for the basic functionality of the website

Some cookies may collect information that is subsequently used by third parties and which, for example, directly support our advertising activities (so-called "third-party cookies"). For example, information about the products purchased by website visitors may be displayed by an advertising agency allowing us to better customise the display of on-line advertising banners on websites. However, this information cannot be used to identify the user.

We use the following cookies on our websites:

Vydavatel Název cookie Typ Popis Platnost
enterprise-prague.cz consent-cookies essential keeps information about your consent to the use of cookies 1 year
enterprise-prague.cz PHPSESSID essential identifies your session with the server until the session expires
enterprise-prague.cz nette-browser essential identifies your session with the server until the session expires
Google _ga tracking identification of the user needed by Google analytics 2 year
Google _gid tracking identification of the user needed by Google analytics 1 day
Google _gat tracking limits the number of questions for Google analytics 1 minute

How you can refuse the use of cookies

The use of cookies may be configured in your web browser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default. You can reject cookies in your web browser or you may accept only certain types of cookies.

Information about different browsers and how to configure cookie preferences may be found on the following websites:

Internet Explorer

A powerful cookie management tool is also available at https://www.youronlinechoices.com/uk/

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