1. 11. 2023
The Red Giraffe by Jaroslav Róna

In 2016, a public competition was announced for the realization of a sculpture in front of the Enterprise building on Pikrtova street in Prague's district Pankrác.

The winning design turned out to be the sculpture of a fantastic creature – the Red Giraffe designed by Jaroslav Róna. The shape of sculpture´s body resembles a cylindrical tank, with a short tail protruding from it and is supported by simplified legs. From the body emerges a long neck with elegant geometric shapes, crowned with a head that looks like a showerhead. However, it can also evoke a flower or the sun. To make the sculpture stand out in the competition with the massive and tall surrounding structures, it stands at a height of 10 meters and is covered in a bright red color.

The design of the sculpture was influenced by the environment in which it is located. The sculpture is simple, playful, has a striking presence, sparks the imagination, and evokes a sense of joy. The ceremonial unveiling of the sculpture took place in November 2020.

The author of the work, Jaroslav Róna, is an acclaimed Czech artist with many talents, including sculpture, painting, ceramics, glass art, and graphics. He studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague, specializing in glass art under Professor Stanislav Libenský.

Róna´s work often oscillates between sculpture and painting. He regularly exhibits at domestic and international exhibitions. Some of his most famous works include the monument of Franz Kafka (Old Town, Prague), the equestrian statue of Margrave Jost of Luxembourg (Moravské Square in Brno), Reader in a Chair (Franz Kafka Square, Prague), Mythical Ship (Bratislava Embankment), and the sculpture of David and Goliath (Cheb).

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